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How is the 0% fee possible?
Our company has solid commercial and business relations in the Asian market where we have started and successfully developed a flourishing crypto mining activity. In addition to the hardware trade related to mining, we also have significant resources on our own. Furthermore, our company is engaged in numerous online advertising activities combined with a carefully selected and applied business model, all of which allow our users to join our mining system at a 0% fee.
What payout methods are available?
We offer two ways of payout; a daily payout and a 5 % bonus weekly payout.
What does the daily payout mean?
Your mined coins are automaticlly payed out in every 24 hours without minimum limitation of the payed amount from your account. We pay daily at 12.00 am (UTC). The server time is UTC time zone.
What does the 5 % bonus payout mean?
In case you choose the 5% bonus payout method, you receive a single payout in every 7 days calculated from the first day of your 7 day mining activity. In this situation, you will get a 5 % extra bonus payment in that certain cryptocurrency the payout was made. We pay weekly at 12.00 am. (UTC) The server time is UTC time zone.

Getting Started

After the registration on our website there are only few steps to start mining with us. If your RIG runs Windows OS please follow the instructions below: You can also find a step-by-step video guide above ?or follow us on YouTube.
Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team!